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Prop 8 Redux: What now for marriage rights?

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Download and listen.

This show RAWKED in the words of conversator Liza Sabater. It was like a mythical Chappelle stand-up gig that just went on because no one wanted to leave. It birthed Equality Camp which will occur January 3rd in San Francisco to Obamify and integrate the grassroots, Netroots and the Campaign. Join us. There will be baked goods.

Tuesday Nov. 11th, 7-8:30PST/10:00-11:30 EST

Prop8 recently passed and amended the California Constitution to disallow gay and lesbian people from marrying. Since then, all kinds of uproar and questions are happening in the streets of San Francisco and LA and on the Net. This moment finds a new level of engagement and uncertainty about information in Net-era politics.

Heather conversates with: Pam Brown (MarriageEqualityUSA), Stuart Gaffney and John Lewis (lead plaintiffs and one of the first CA couples to marry), Andrea Shorter (And Marriage For All), Liza Sabater (culturekitchen), Tara Hunt (leading social media consultant) and you to explore how this happened and where we go from here.

-In the complete absence of a community managed web site from the campaign, independent sites like JointheImpact and Stop8and OverturnProp8 have arisen. Are we seeing a new grassroots first gay movement?
– A lawsuit has been filed to challenge Prop 8.
-EQCA (the CA gay lobby) is asking people to sign a petition to get the issue back on the ballot if the law suit doesn’t win.
-Can and should the courts overturn Prop8 ?
-How can a new movement organize? 261,000 names are already on an online petition.
-How do we deal with the support of African-Americans for Prop8 (69-31) and the racism of the gay movement (a breakdown that shows the African-American vote could not have passed Prop8)
– Was the No on 8 campaign’s decision to not use the word gay a mistake? Will the main gay rights groups shift to grassroots politics? How?
How does politics engage the God / religion / morality factor?
-A Utah boycott is shaping up as is a movement to strip the Mormon Church of its tax-exempt status. What was the real involvement of the Mormon Church and (one view). Will the attempt to strip the Church of its tax-exempt status work?
(disclosure, I have both signed this, and am in dialogue with a Mormon supporter of Prop8 to try to understand the point of view of someone who says they do not wish to harm gay people but just want to protect what they value)
-What about the geeks?