Mumbai: terror + twitter

  • Liza Sabater

    Liza Sabater

    Liza Sabater is a NY based feminist culture pundit, new media producer, online strategy consultant, blogpreneur and mom. She is founder of two of the most influential political…

  • Aditya Sengupta

    Aditya Sengupta

    Aditya Sengupta is a student at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute in Mumbai India. He studies electrical manufacturing and blogs at Vignetting Life. He provided important…

  • Priya Shah

    Priya Shah

    Born and brought up in the same vicinity as the Mumbai attacks, Priya recently moved to NYC to pursue her Master in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at NYU. Priya…

  • Dina Mehta

    Dina Mehta

    Dina Mehta is the ground zero social node for web 2.0 in India. She's always on the front edge of tech trends. As a social media consultant with a background in anthropology who's…

Guests: Liza Sabater, Aditya Sengupta, Priya Shah and Dina Mehta

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The recent Mumbai attacks brought terror and news coverage from individuals to a new level of self-organization and self-government. First-hand accounts and information sharing was available on twitter way ahead of mainstream media accounts and often from a different point of view. What does this all mean? Heather conversates with leading twitterers from Mumbai, others following events from the West and you.

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