Continuous Partial Attention

  • Tantek Çelik

    Tantek Çelik

    Tantek Çelik, of San Francisco, is a computer scientist of Turkish-American descent and was the Chief Technologist at Technorati. He is one of the principal editors of the CSS…

  • Micki Krimmel

    Micki Krimmel

    Micki Krimmel (aka Mickipedia) is the founder of Sugar Packet and well known in the Web 2.0 space for her work in online community, social activism and her popular website and…

  • Liz Belile

    Liz Belile

    Liz Belile is an eavesdropper who crafts everyday language into poetic and political metaphors. Her book, Polishing the Bayonet, catalogs poetry and prose from this unrepentant…

  • Lane Becker

    Lane Becker

    Lane Becker is co-founder and President of Get Satisfaction, a web startup dedicated to fostering new methods of communication and collaboration between companies and their customers. Previously,…

  • Justin Hall

    Justin Hall

    Justin is the CEO of GameLayers, the company behind the internet game Passive Multiplayer Online Gaming (or PMOG) which layers video games over online life. Justin is well known…

  • John Halcyon Styn

    John Halcyon Styn

    John Halcyon Styn is a lifestyle artist who considers his spiritual path his art and work. He is now the host of NBC Digital's Fears Regrets Desires, and has been an notable online…

  • Doug Pray

    Doug Pray

    Doug Praywas born in Denver, Colorado, and earned an M.F.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles's School of Theater, Film and Television. In addition to directing music…

  • Derek Powazek

    Derek Powazek

    Named one of the top 40 “Industry Influencers” of 2007 by Folio, Derek Powazek is the cofounder of JPG, the photography magazine created by its community, and cofounder…

Guests: Tantek Çelik, Micki Krimmel, Liz Belile, Lane Becker, Justin Hall, John Halcyon Styn, Doug Pray and Derek Powazek

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Leading tech thinker Linda Stone coined the term to describe the way many of us live. What is worth our full attention? How do we give it? For how long? Join Heather and guests at her 11th SXSW appearance for this special show. Each guest, leading indie geeks, musicians, filmmakers and attention cultivators will join Heather for as long as it takes them to drink one beer. Guests include Justin Hall, Ryanne Hodson, Micki Krimmel, Lane Becker (Satisfaction), Derek Powazek (8020 Publishing and JPG Magazine), yoga teacher and feminist p*rnster Liz Belile and filmmaker Doug Pray (Big Rig, Scratch)

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    […] Term – instant telepathy (first understood via Justin Hall at my SXSWContinuous Partial Attention show) and persistent openness forces us all to learn to be less judgemental and more […]

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